How Small Businesses Can be More Secure

Small businesses face increasingly daunting cybersecurity threats.

In 2016 alone over 14 million American small businesses were breached by cybercriminals. And with over 30 million small businesses registered in the U.S., that means nearly half of all small businesses will likely become the victim of a cyberattack as this trend continues.

These numbers aren’t going down anytime soon. Being prepared to ward off constant attacks is essential for any small business. Here’s why…

Why it’s Important

A breach may not immediately put your organization out of business, but it will likely lead to some very serious consequences.

Imagine you suffer a breach which involved some customer data. Along with having to immediately reach out to these clients and attempt to make amends (potentially losing some in the process), you’ll also have to worry about the widespread fallout from suffering a breach in the first place.

Your word-of-mouth will definitely suffer, potentially drying up referrals and posing a threat to your organization’s growth. This is especially true if you’re in a field which places a high premium on data security.

Altogether, a breach immediately places your organization in a difficult situation from which it can be incredibly difficult to recover. So, what can you do?

Take a Stand

The best way to defend your organization from cyber-attacks is to grow your knowledge on the subject. Notably, you need to be familiar with:

  • Where attacks are coming from
  • What habits leave your organization vulnerable
  • How you can quickly strengthen your defense

To help gain a better grasp on all of the above, speak with Dan Symons, Founder of Streamline Technology Group on how you can help your small business avoid common cybersecurity mistakes that can cripple your business.

You’ll learn:

  • Why small businesses are at such high risk
  • Tips for avoiding phishing scams and the newest attack methods you need to be aware of
  • How to address bad cybersecurity behaviors among staff
  • Steps you can take to fix cybersecurity gaps

Don’t wait to suffer a breach before you take these necessary security steps. Contact us today!