data analytics and your business

How can Data Analytics Contribute To Your Business Growth

How Data Analytics Is  The Key To Your Business Growth

Imagine this: you’re asleep on your bed in the middle of a Friday night, and someone decides to hit up your business page inquiring about your business, in the hopes of building a fruitful partnership, and of course she expects you to answer come Monday morning. But to her surprise, she gets a reply as to how and what kind of business partnership she needs. As she replies, your page also tells her more about your company and what your, speedily growing, business does.

Isn’t it a reality of today that even without the on to one interaction with clients and partners that your channels go ahead and build rapport and accommodate your prospective partners.


In this age of having IT on demand, this Global village that we line in, interconnected by the infinite means of channeling information, is the upcoming venue on which most, if not all, businesses operate. As business keep up with the trendy and ‘hip’ ways of conducting business, we should now consider how to ensure that this space could best cater small and upcoming businesses. With the constant flow of data in an organization, it is inevitable that this data will be subject to analysis, interpretation, and consumption. With this data analytics bearing the weight of current and future steps of your business whether you like it or not.

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in 2015, 1.56 million nonprofits have registered back in 2015. And with the possibility of this number growing in 2019, on top of this the part of this that falls under healthcare, how would you keep your business relevant? You could always consider Data Analytics and the coup de grace, Chatbots.


In a nutshell, data analytics in the process of flexing and examining data in order to derive useful information, that can be used for whatever purpose an organization may need (e.g. client expansion, marketing, business improvement, etc.). Data analytics pursue the leads that, only the information given to, a system offers. Oftentimes overseen by personnel, data is kept in storage but seldom used, rendering the data collected beforehand on clients and partners, sleeping and frankly, useless.

data analytics and your business

With the bulk of unused data to account for 93% of data bay 2020, this is where automated Data analytics can step in, to make sure that all information collected can be used to an organizations advantage by maximizing available data to improve the organization as a whole.


Data analytics can be used by small business mainly to zero in on what needs to be done. Like zeroing in on, a certain demographic, which is also determined by the analytics. Tracking client/customer status as they move through the processes can also be one way of using data analytics.

What organization does not want to be efficient with dealing with their data. From providing a definitive focus on what information the market wants, to producing a cost-efficient action to dealing with what markets, demand of your organization, data analytics serve to create data from your existing data at your behest.


Market health care shares for the US are the largest in 2018 and are expected to grow by 13.8% in 2025.  What this says about growing non-profit healthcare organization is that there is more space for them to grow. With the advent of analytics and ease of information access in the growing IT world, there can be no discounting of the fact that being able to zero in on market needs is key. Anticipation of patient trends per season, identifying patient needs as they come in, and tracking patient needs even before they need them are the best ways to handle your customer care and consequently the growth of your organization.


As client needs keep being tailor-made per patient on a can-do basis, how about doing the same for prospective clients, as inquiries come in and interests about your organization grow it would be the best to handle these the same way.



With the personalization of cases tailored to the clients, chat support for up to date organizations pages are being a test of authenticity nowadays. Having a page that interacts with a client on an on-demand basis makes your page more social and more hip. Which is what consumers would consider “legit” nowadays. Your organization’s use of online assistants could easily bump up its value. Frankly, at times these chatbots can be your make or break, as clients would continue their correspondence with your company thru this channel.

Making sure that data from your analytics flow smoothly through these channels are key to making it or breaking it in today’s market. The constant flow of conversation between you and your client would make for a stronger connection as you aim to keep them as they will also aim to keep your company at their fingertips.

Keeping up a start-up business or non-profit owner does not necessarily mean that you need to fight an uphill battle. Sometimes you just have to strengthen what suits you the most. If you think going digital is best for you then that would be your best call. What’s important is that you keep engaging with your growing audience on a consistent basis at the same time ensuring that you jot down the data you need, even if you’re not readily available on the other line to take their concerns make sure that you have someone or something to take that pronto.


Although this may well be a down the pipeline project for your still growing company, it would always be wise to keep your managed IT services in-check, to maintain your optimal business efficiency. With this, you could always call on Streamline Technology Group for managed IT, Strategic planning, disaster recovery and back up and we promise to deliver effective solutions for your tech needs.