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Nowadays, IT business support offers two kinds of services: Managed IT Services and Break/Fix Services.  Often, it’s the small-to-medium-sized businesses that avail of these services.  Their choice would depend heavily on the IT resources and personnel that they have in place.

But what are these services?

Managed IT Services and Break/Fix Services are geared toward addressing IT concerns like system setup, installation, repair, and upgrades across software, hardware, and system networking.  Both services can resolve issues quickly.  However, what are the functions that can be expected with each?


What are Break/Fix Services?

The BEST IT Service Provider

Break/Fix Services are available only to SMBs with IT problems. These companies only interact with your business when there are IT issues that crop up.  They send a technician to your place of business to assess, analyze, determine, and fix IT issues.  Businesses pay for the service rendered, but they do not carry ongoing contracts or subscriptions with fees.  Basically, they call in the IT companies when they need assistance.

Break/Fix service technicians charge by the hour.  SMBs may also be charged for initial or post-service consultation including the specialty tools used, parts installed, and hardware fixed. Break/Fix Services are needed for:

  • Hardware upgrade or installation
  • Network repairs
  • Installation of Peripheral equipment
  • Setting up privacy software
  • Training or Education of personnel

Like Managed IT Services Ohio, these Break/Fix services have their own benefits and drawbacks.  For one thing, small businesses in Northeast Ohio and surrounding cities are only required to pay for services that have been rendered.  SMBs with small ecosystems do not necessarily need the in-depth technical expertise of Break/Fix Service companies and the expenses associated with them.

These technicians are usually allowed by their companies to deal and resolve the problem on their own, so there is autonomy to their service.  Privacy issues have been a problem by SMBs, so many companies stick to ad-hoc break/fix service to minimize the possibility of security breaches.  This gives companies a sense of control.

Of course, there are drawbacks to using these services.  For one thing, the budget can be uncertain.  There is no definite way to predict exact expenditures on IT issues that may crop up. Pricing can be variable. Different problems carry different price tags.  Unfortunately, these companies may also take a while to find the solution to IT problems if they are not familiar with the system.  That’s the drawback to not hiring a Managed IT Service company. Business disaster recovery is not set up, and repair takes some time.

A disaster recovery plan won’t likely be put in place if the service is reactive and not proactive. Unlike Managed IT Services, break/fix IT service only reacts to existing problems. They do not actually have disaster recovery strategies in place in case these potential problems arise.

Another drawback is the repeated billings. Every time a problem occurs, the company will need to pay for the same service over and over again.  This is something that can be avoided when you choose to hire a Managed IT Service provider like Streamline Technology Group.  Since you pay for a packaged service, you will be able to avoid paying for every single breakdown, installation, or repair.  With strategic IT planning in place, risks are mitigated as well.


What are Managed IT Services?

The BEST IT Service Provider

Managed IT services are third-party service providers that assume responsibility over a business’ IT ecosystem.  The management is significantly holistic. It’s an ongoing relationship; although the technicians basically worked outside the business premises. They just use a network of connected systems to monitor and trained personnel as well as address potential problems that rise up.  Companies will receive:

  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • Network security and system maintenance
  • System updates and patches
  • Live supports
  • IT administrative management

But what are the pros and cons of managed it services?

Managed IT services are proactive.  They offer a more stable kind of service.  They do not just repair existing problems; they also ensure that the IT environment and system runs smooth and stable.  The payments are predictable.  Clients are expected to pay a certain fee every month for the repair and maintenance of their system.

Companies also enjoy a streamlined service and shared ownership of the software.  The shared ownership means there is round-the-clock service which monitors firewall breaches and data hacks.  The technicians are often quite aware of your service and are familiar with the business, so you are assured that you get customized service.

The best advantage over all the benefits of managed IT services is the pace of mind that you will enjoy when you choose to hire a service provider.  They will be proactive and comprehensive.

Of course, there are drawbacks to using a Managed IT Service Provider.  First of all, you will need to concede over significant data and document.  You also need to pay for this service regardless as to whether you had to repair something over the last month or not.  This may be impractical and unnecessary, but people enjoy the peace of mind that these service providers offer.

To learn more about securing the service of a Managed IT service provider, you need me.  To learn more about the company, make sure to get in touch with us as soon as you can. We will be too happy to go over our service with you and answer whatever questions you might have.  Get in touch today!