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Too many passwords to remember? Frustrated?

Too many passwords to remember? Frustrated?

Everyone has dozens of passwords for an array of websites.  Personally, I am unable to remember which password I used for which site…  Then, after multiple failed attempts, you click “forgot my password”.  However, sometimes you never receive the recovery email or the message gets stuck in spam – even worse – the site directs you to call customer service to reset your password.  By the time you gain access to your account, you are pulling your hair out and screaming!

Now you can eliminate the frustration and stop wasting time with resetting your passwords.  I highly recommend LastPass which is a password manager – your digital secure vault.  I’ve been using LastPass for the past six years, and the best part is it’s FREE!

Below are the top 5 reasons to consider using LastPass:

  1. Never forget your passwords again keep them stored in a secure encrypted repository with access from anywhere
  2. Easily and securely share passwords by just adding users with their e-mail address. When you share, you can choose to reveal the password or only allow LastPass to autofill for the user. If you share passwords without revealing them, you won’t have to change it each time you revoke someone’s access.
  3. Automatically share password updates to everyone that you’ve previously given access to. For some popular services, LastPass can also actually go through the entire process of changing a password by simulating a user session on your behalf – all with a single click.
  4. Share groups of passwords. This one is particularly useful if you work with specific teams or functions who need access to related accounts in one go.
  5. Generate complex passwords easily and on the fly. Instead of using the same password over and over again. LastPass’ security challenge also evaluates the difficulty of your passwords collectively and gives you recommendations for improvement.

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